Moo Rebuild – Part 03

So after the ordeal of finding the car un-rescuable, I ordered in the new shell and engine so work has been a bit slow of late. Due to limited space, I can’t really have both shells at the same time so I spent most of the 22nd stripping out the

Moo Rebuild – Part 02

So I’ve decided to work my way from the back to the front. I am doing it this way because I can build up to the big technical jobs that way :). I started by stripping the back panel down ready for a repaint, Removed the numberplate, light clusters and

Moo Rebuild – Part 01

Setting the scene. So the Dolomite codename “Moo” is in some need of TLC. I’ve a pot of money and a mission of fixing her up. I’m looking forward to making the car look stunning again. Should be fun and I’m looking forward to the job. I’m not really the