National Pride.

There was no escaping it really no matter how hard I tried so I figured I may as well post something up regarding the royal wedding. Now I’ll start by highlighting the fact that the celebrity lifestyle means nothing to me and doesn’t even interest me in the slightest. I’ll

Hit The Deck

Yesterday was the big day, the day I’ve waiting for near on a month or so. That’s right it was Hit The Deck day, my musical highlight of the year so far. I decided I’d do a little review for each of the bigger acts that I went to see.

My Next PC!!

Classic Commodore 64 Lives Again I don’t care how geeky or nerdy I am looking right now but this news article brought a big old smile to my face and the temptation is very much there to actually purchase such an amazing machine. That or I may just go up

My Latest Challenge

As many of you may or may not know, I have been involved with StormFM, Bangors student radio for many months now. Recently, I decided that I wanted to be even more involved in a more technical and hands on way and so, stood for the role of Head of