Happy New Year – Resolutions and such..

Yep that’s right, the new year is dawning.¬†Right about now people world wide are wasting their time trying to think of a “New Years Resolution” – Not something I ever really bother with as more often than not they tend to be superficial, shallow and relatively non-quantifiable. Examples include. This

Black Mirror

For those of you that don’t know Charlie Brooker is a satirist black comedian. Not afraid to state his mind and pose points that question base principles and morals. Black Mirror is a mini series of three episodes that do exactly that in a handful of different scenarios and ways.

Year Three, Part One.

Thats it. The end of the first chapter of my third and possibly final year in Bangor, and my what a chapter it’s been. The past three or four months have been littered with up’ and down’s, crazy goings on and way too many distractions. I¬†suppose I should first have