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A new adventure..

Welcome to our first Dungeons and Dragons story. Join Gnizzard, Kemrok Copperspine, Thea and Omanorin Rohaki, our inept party as they travel through Phandelver.

We find our mix match of adventurers riding a small cart of cargo along a forested track towards Phandalin. Thea the High elf was scouting ahead, whilst the Half elf paladin Omanorin Rohaki was riding the cart, joined by Kemrok Copperspine the mountain dwarf sorcerer and Gnizzard the Gnome Wizard was riding with the cargo.

Each of our adventurers was hired by Gundren to escort a second cart of cargo to the general store in Phandalin. Not halfway along the trail to the town, the group were attacked by a group of goblin raiders. Against all the odds our hapless bunch survived putting an end to the four goblins. Before his end the last goblin was exposed to a plethora of arguments and terrible translations from our adventurers trying to extract information on the hideout and discussing how best to kill him. The final insult for the now dead goblins came when Gnizzard jaggedly carved their faces from their skulls as some form of bizarre trophy.

Following a short rest, the wagon was once again on the road and before too long arrived in Phandalin and was delivered to Barthen’s. Barthen was happy to see the cargo as neither Gundren nor his cart had arrived. Having received their payment, the troop parted ways.

The unlikely coupling of Kemrok and Thea made tracks for the tavern and following a minor brawl with some local ruffians who fled to the nearby manor the pair finally settled in for a few gallons of ale. Gnizzard visited the smithy and after being violated twice left with a new set of armour and headed onwards to the trading post, where after seducing the trade captain by using the face of her dead goblin lover came upon the knowledge of a goblin being held by a local gang. Meanwhile Omanorin ventured to the shrine in search of luck and ended up being drawn into agreeing to aid in the riddance of a banshee in a nearby town.

The fellowship reunited and journeyed onward to the manor to deal with the ruffian gang some of them had encountered earlier. On arrival at the manor, the group clumsily disturbed a group of sleeping gang members. In the following scuffle of flailing maces, axes, bed covers and fire the group emerged victorious killing two and coercing the last to help them through the manor to keep his life, albeit bound and dragged behind. All but Gnizzard decided to gather some ruffian capes in order to progress more subtly.

As they pressed deeper in to the manor, Kemrok called a halt to the advance having discovered a pit trap. None of the party was capable of climbing around the pit and instead the dwarf was tossed by Omanorin with a length of rope to help the others across.

A few moments later, the company found themselves in a crypt, where all those wearing ruffian attire went unnoticed whilst Gnizzard drew the attention of the skeletons therein. In the fracas that ensued, Gnizzard launched fire around the room with woeful accuracy, burning Thea and knocking Kemrok unconscious. Remarkably the remaining party defeated the skeletons and Omanorin laid hands of Kemrok bringing him back from the verge. It was at this point the company decided to rest..

What lays in store for our ill-fated rag tag bunch? Find out next time.


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