Hey Guys, So here’s the thing, I’m out of practice at reviewing flicks and even blogging so I’m going to try and get back into the swing of things starting off with a quick review of Skyfall without too many spoilers and then try and find some more stuff to

Black Mirror

For those of you that don’t know Charlie Brooker is a satirist black comedian. Not afraid to state his mind and pose points that question base principles and morals. Black Mirror is a mini series of three episodes that do exactly that in a handful of different scenarios and ways.

Quotes and Films

Those of you that know me, or even follow me here on ZombieDinosaurs or twitter will know that I like to live in a little world that isn’t really our own. You’ll all know that I like to immerse myself in a world of TV and Movies. For that short

Mystery Men

Ok so the film is a little bit older now as it was released in 1999. Ive always thought when I’ve seen it in TV guides and online sites that it seems to always receive a fairly mediocre rating which, after watching it again last night feel is perhaps a