Beach Break Live!

Right well, now that I am home, have showered, eaten and rested a little after an epic weekend I suppose that its only fair to share with you all the wonders of my little festival weekend. To start with, Beach Break Live is a three day student festival based in

Bangor Aid 2011

Over the weekend just gone I spent most of my hours at the Bangor Aid festival with StormFM. Bangor Aid was a 2 day charity festival to raise money for Bangor homeless folks, the event showcased many local artists as well as other world music acts. As Head of Tech

Eurovision Review

For any of my many Twitter followers, much of this will be a recollection of the night for you all as I was furiously tweeting away throughout the entire event. Before the start, as with my previous posting Previewing the competition I had decided that I had odds on Azerbaijan

Eurovision Preview

The years most important musical event throughout Europe is fast approaching. Thats right guys, Eurovision is on Saturday Night! This means that the best part of what is probably four hours now, (As they keep adding countries) of my Saturday night will now be consumed by an interesting “variety” of

Hit The Deck

Yesterday was the big day, the day I’ve waiting for near on a month or so. That’s right it was Hit The Deck day, my musical highlight of the year so far. I decided I’d do a little review for each of the bigger acts that I went to see.