Rust removal, the results.

I regularly checked on the process and briefly documented what was happening as detailed below. I’ll then crack onto the real results and the details of a further test I tried to some success. 5 minutes – A film has appeared on the top of the solution and there is

Rust removal with science.

Right, listen up folks. This here is probably going to be the most advanced and scientific post that ZD has ever seen which is pretty cool. Its also going to be quite long and I know some of you won’t stick with it as far as the science section but

Raspberry Media Pi

So as many of you may know, I have been talking about getting a Raspberry Pi for a little while. This was mainly to play with and possibly use as a media centre. Well, I have finally managed to get my hands on one and have done exactly that. Got

RROD and Xbox Modification

It finally happened. I’ve had my second hand Xbox for almost two years now and it finally Red Ringed. It had been warning me for about a fortnight that it was coming but I decided to press on gaming anyhow until I had no option but except the full extents

Animated Tattoo?

I thought I’d share this with all you guys out there who may not have seen it before. As you may know, I love tattoos and the only reason I don’t have that many at this point is purely financial and the small case of my being a picky git. Anyhow,

My Latest Challenge

As many of you may or may not know, I have been involved with StormFM, Bangors student radio for many months now. Recently, I decided that I wanted to be even more involved in a more technical and hands on way and so, stood for the role of Head of