Linux Beats Windows

So today my old flatmate brought me yet another windows laptop with yet more blue screens for me to fix. I get this a lot, as being probably the most computer minded of all my friends locally means that I’m their go to man. Problem is, I haven’t properly used windows now since XP but I’m happy to give it a go as very little ever changes. So as the story goes, as is usual with windows, I sat fiddling and trying to get it to work for an hour or so under the accompaniment of many expletives until finally my friend says these golden words. “Can you install Linux, isn’t it better?”

All of a sudden my day got a lot easier and my commitment was increased. So I grabbed up the CD wallet and chose the simplest and friendliest Linux distro I could find, PCLinuxOS. Yes I have a CD for Ubuntu, supposedly “Linux for human beings” but I feel that PCLinuxOS beats that hands down for ease of use and likeability. I installed all the basics such as LibreOffice, a browser and what nots and handed it back with a sparkly new OS and a warm feeling in my heart knowing that hopefully another “Ignorant windows user” has seen the light.

As GTA II would say “Hallelujah! Another soul saved!”


  1. I usually find that Ubuntu works with the non-technical crowd too. You just need a couple of hours of telling them “open up your mind and find the fucking firefox icon” and then they get the hang of it. My 17 yo sister is now on Ubuntu and won’t go back to windows. I installed Office 2007 under wine and it’s sorted.
    One of my other friends is so computer illiterate that we had to re-install windows every couple of months because of the sheer amount of viruses on there and she’s now gone Ubuntu and is loving it. She even got the hang of automatic updates and installing new software using the software centre 🙂

    1. Im personally not a fan of ubuntu as I used it for a while and generally didnt like it, especially with the GNOME desktop. With KDE its much better but I still feel PCLinuxOS is better. You are right though, the greatest hurdle is always convincing them to use it in the first place.

      Have you looked at either OpenOffice or LibreOffice (Same project) to replace Microsoft office. You can set it to save to .doc as default so that wipes out MS even more.

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