Moo Rebuild – Part 04

Today was mostly pulling bits and bobs apart again. I removed the Sprint axle from the new shell once I had finally fought it around some badly distorted handbrake cable brackets. Also pulled out the fuel tank. Both to sell. Scrubbed the underside of the new shell down and cleaned

Moo Rebuild – Part 03

So after the ordeal of finding the car un-rescuable, I ordered in the new shell and engine so work has been a bit slow of late. Due to limited space, I can’t really have both shells at the same time so I spent most of the 22nd stripping out the

Moo Rebuild – Part 02

So I’ve decided to work my way from the back to the front. I am doing it this way because I can build up to the big technical jobs that way :). I started by stripping the back panel down ready for a repaint, Removed the numberplate, light clusters and

Moo Rebuild – Part 01

Setting the scene. So the Dolomite codename “Moo” is in some need of TLC. I’ve a pot of money and a mission of fixing her up. I’m looking forward to making the car look stunning again. Should be fun and I’m looking forward to the job. I’m not really the

Big Weekend Warm Up

So, My night in view. Immense! We started off at Bar Uno where Radio 1 were broadcasting live from. Got a nice little photo with Annie Mac which was amazing. Absolutely love the girl she’s so cool! Listened through Annie’s set and got a photo with Greg James (Just because

The Zombie Dinosaurs Are Coming..

Welcome. So yeah it looks like I’ve gone and gotten myself another slice of web space “Zombie Dinosaurs” where I can post endless rants on anything and everything. Not sure whether this is a good thing or a bad one, but none the less its too late now so we’ll