Soon To Pastures New

As many of you may know I have been working as a professional archaeologist now for nearly two years. I’ve loved it all, so yes I complained a lot along the years but that’s all just needless moaning really as when I finally get a decent site, it does make

The end is nigh….

The other evening a good friend of mine turned to me and asked “How is it that you are so ready to leave Bangor so easily?”  to which my immediate answer was  “I’m only thinking about leaving the city of Bangor, not it’s people and my friends. It’s easier like that.” It was

Beyond the Dissertation..

Yep, thats right guys.As some of you may know, I finally completed my dissertation, got it all bound and submitted it. Granted it wasn’t as easy as I’ve just mad eit sound in that one quick sentence but against the odd, I got there eventually. I can certainly tell you it


This week I’ve realised that some times it takes a shock to realise what your priorities really should be. My two shocks have been realising I have three months to produce 21,000 words of essays and dissertations as well as research them alongside. Worked out that to get it all done

The Future..

So recently over the past few days I’ve been surfing the web like you idly jumping from page to page, however for a change it wasn’t between pictures of cats with bad grammar or tumblr posts of song lyrics, no it actually had a little bit of purpose. I have

Happy New Year – Resolutions and such..

Yep that’s right, the new year is dawning. Right about now people world wide are wasting their time trying to think of a “New Years Resolution” – Not something I ever really bother with as more often than not they tend to be superficial, shallow and relatively non-quantifiable. Examples include. This

Year Three, Part One.

Thats it. The end of the first chapter of my third and possibly final year in Bangor, and my what a chapter it’s been. The past three or four months have been littered with up’ and down’s, crazy goings on and way too many distractions. I suppose I should first have

Seven Sins, Seven Days

So I was happily just chatting away and made a joke about how you could easily go seven days, commit every “sin” and do it without harming anyone that didn’t deserve it an amazing week for me. This is what happens when I need a break from work, this sort

Quotes and Films

Those of you that know me, or even follow me here on ZombieDinosaurs or twitter will know that I like to live in a little world that isn’t really our own. You’ll all know that I like to immerse myself in a world of TV and Movies. For that short

End of Year 2 and the Summer Ball

Yup, that’s right guys. I am now reporting to you again from the comfort of my real Midland home, not the Bangor Flat.I’ve only been home for about 7 hours yet somehow I’m already missing some part of Bangor and the folks but on the plus I get to see