HM ePetitions

The e-petitions site is finally back in service. This means that we can sign and petitions the big wigs running the countries with the issues that matter most to you. Here are a couple I myself am supporting: Cars Freeze Fuel Duties – Freeze fuel tax and impose an effective

My Next PC!!

Classic Commodore 64 Lives Again I don’t care how geeky or nerdy I am looking right now but this news article brought a big old smile to my face and the temptation is very much there to actually purchase such an amazing machine. That or I may just go up

Hitler House? Ridiculous

House that looks like Hitler catches eye of Twitter user So here it is. The world finally gone mad and proof that the world is genuinely obsessed with Hitler and WWII. I am in no way down playing the atrocities and massiveness of one of the biggest and bloodiest wars

Atheism in schools

Children as young as four to be educated in atheism. I think that it is about time that Atheism was finally explained and taught to young children. I don’t mean this from any anti-religion perspective, I mean it in the way that for many years children have been forced to